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Friends of Himalayan Sherpa People (FHSP)

In 2014 the school that we helped build in the village of Phapre was opened with a dedication ceremony in April, when many members of our Friends group were there.

2015 saw some finishing work done to the school walls and ceilings. And then the devastating earthquakes in April and May shook the small mountainous country to its core. The village of Phapre and other neighboring villages fared pretty well during the first earthquake, but the second one brought damage to many of the homes in the villages and took the lives of a number of family breadwinners who were away working in the Langtang area. Fortunately the school was unharmed.

As a result Friends of Himalayan Sherpa People put on hold our efforts to hire a headmaster for the school and instead focused our fundraising efforts on earthquake relief for Phapre and other neighboring villages who were off the radar for other earthquake relief efforts. The Friends group raised nearly $20,000 which was used to purchase tarps to help the villagers who had to live outside of their damaged or destroyed houses, to get through the monsoon season. After the monsoon, funds were distributed to families who needed help to begin the reconstruction process on their homes. Special attention was given to those who had lost a breadwinner.

Friends of Himalayan Sherpa People partnered with World Dance for Humanity and Mammoth Lakes Noon Rotary in their earthquake relief fundraising efforts.

2016 finds Friends of Himalayan Sherpa People focused on two main projects to help further the education and health of villagers living in remote mountain villages in the vicinity of Phapre.

Monitoring and evaluation of the Pikey Phapre Primary School had shown that the quality of education could be greatly enhanced if a credentialed teacher or a Headmaster could be hired to lead the school. Through our contacts in Kathmandu we have recently hired a Headmaster, Devi Charan Nepal, who has started in his position from August 17, 2016. There are no government funds helping to run the school at this time. The salaries of the two young teachers are being paid through donations made by Wangdowa Sherpa, one of his cousins, and some members of a 2014 trek that Wangdowa lead. The salary for the new Headmaster will be $250 per month.

The Friends group has set a goal to set up a sustainable recurring giving program whereby those who would like to contribute a set amount in an on-going way could sign up to have their bank send, on a regular basis (such as monthly), a check to FHSP that will be earmarked for the Headmaster Fund. This sustained recurring giving is an easy way for people to make a contribution that is going to have significant impact on the quality of education that the children of Phapre and neighboring villages are receiving. Once the goal of $250 per month is achieved, funds over that amount will go to the teacher salaries, books and other supplies for the school, and uniforms for the students. Just think - if 25 people sign up to give $10 per month, or if 13 people sign up to give $20 per month, the salary would be covered! Remember all contributions are tax deductible.

In the remote villages of Nepal, as in many countries in the world, cooking and heating of the homes is achieved by a campfire-like wood fire usually right on the ground in a corner of the home. These cooking and heating fires are not vented to the outside thereby causing extensive amounts of smoke to remain within the walls of the home. This smoke is breathed day-in and day-out by the residents of these houses and the effect on their health is monumental. Respiratory issues, ear infections, eye infections and skin ailments can all be traced to breathing and living in these smoky conditions.

Friends of Himalayan Sherpa People has decided to take on the purchase and installation of vented cooking stoves in up to 150 homes. Two model stoves were installed in village homes last fall and the interest by other villagers has grown by leaps and bounds as they see the significant benefits of being able to vent smoke to outside their houses. They see and understand the opportunity for an improvement in the quality of their lives. It is opportune timing for adding these vented stoves into their homes as they are rebuilding from the earthquake.

The manufacture of each stove costs $95. At this time FHSP has funds to transport the stoves to the villages and to bring in someone who can train villagers how to properly install the stoves. Our initial goal is to have 50 stoves delivered to the villages in October or November of this year. We are asking those of you who are concerned and would like to help, to buy a stove, or buy part of a stove. It will take $4,750 to deliver 50 stoves by this fall. We believe this is achievable, and eagerly look forward to this first round of stove deliveries. We look forward to, with your help, making a significant difference in the health and well-being of the residents of these remote mountain villages.

World Dance for Humanity, Mammoth Lakes Noon Rotary and Mammoth High School are partners with us in fundraising for this vented wood cook stove project. All contributions are tax deductible.



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